Only have eyes for each other 

After a few months of a wedding each weekend, we can now say it's the end of the official wedding season - for now. We were very lucky to be a part of many beautiful and loving weddings, so thank you to all who had us as their hair/makeup and photography team. Look forward to doing it all again soon, but until then, here is Amy and Dean, who literally only had eyes for each other. 

Christina gets featured

Stepping up her game and heading the Makeup Department and dabbling in the Wardrobe and Art Department for the feature film Inversus, Christina worked tirelessly to get the job done - and done well. While we can't spill all the secrets of the script, we can say - it's a bit of a rollercoaster ride - there are twists, and there are turns - stay tuned! 

Last shoot of the year!

When a house gets removed across the street, leaving an abandoned lot - some people see an eyesore, Siobhan sees a photoshoot opportunity. Dusting off some cobwebs, and flicking away some broken glass, a little bit of magic was made. Big props to Diva for having the blind faith to climb through some pretty grotty spaces to get the shot. Next time you see an ugly spot, tilt your head, squint one eye - and maybe, just maybe, you'll also see the magic. 

THE Trip. That one. The big one. 

Sometimes you feel the need for a "little" holiday - if you're Christina however, you feel the need for a big arse holiday. From Tokyo to Europe, to the States, she trotted across the globe, snapping pictures, drinking cocktails and generally causing a mild case of chaos wherever she went. New Zealand's loss was the rest of the worlds gain, for 10 whole weeks! I know - we can hardly call it a holiday - it's pretty much retirement. And here is how she was enjoying her retirement. 



This is important.

Tony Abbott has backed the West Australian Government's plans to close up to 150 remote Aboriginal communities. This has the potential to make several thousand people homeless, as well as causing displacement and discourse.

Christina is setting up this event to help raise awareness. The support so far is overwhelming. Please head on over to the page and spread the word:

Find Me A Maori Bride

We lent Christina and her vast makeup skills to an awesome new Kiwi TV show - Find Me a Maori Bride. The premise - two half maori men, estranged from their culture need to re-find their heritage in order to claim an inheritance. So our wahine worked tirelessly, 11 hour days, for 4 weeks to make up the wonderful cast including Cohen Holloway, Matariki Whatarau, Siobhan Marshall, Amanda Billing and lots of goodies, come to life on screen. Between Christina hitting the road for the final days of shooting, staying at a Marae and FINALLY trying her first hangi, she kicked it with a great crew and a fun experience - it's not often you enjoy getting up at 5am for work. But that's the beauty of what we do.

Competition winners

Before we announced the winner, we decided that we couldn't have just ONE winner. We just LOVED the entrants and all the wonderful and positive things happening in everyone's lives this year! 

So we gave away a $50 voucher to everyone who entered. We are just too nice. The winner of the Photoshoot was Sarah Maya - CONGRATS girl!  

New CYC = Free Photoshoot, obviously. 

Well as usual, we just can't sit still. We are now building a new cyclorama for our shooting room. Seamless shooting just extended, people. 

To celebrate, we are offering a free photoshoot to one lucky person to be the FIRST one photographed on there :) Details can be found at our Facebook Page. Good luck!  

How "ex-cyc-ing". Geddit? 

Renovation! Fun!

We may seem quiet - but not in the studio. We've been crashing and hammering and painting and all other fun things. That's right, just when you thought the Ruby Jack space couldn't get any better, we've been tweaking here and there and bit by bit, it's getting there :)

New signs getting put up by our resident worker man, Graeme - good man.

For those of you who haven't seen us yet, or not for a while, come on in and tell us that we're pretty. I mean, that the space is pretty.

Love really is, all around us

We have been busy little bees with both makeup and photography for weddings at the moment! Getting married is so in right now. And it was such a pleasure to be a part of Bern & Murph's special day. As well as being our good friends with the couple, we got to work behind the scenes to help bring it together for them. So to this couple, and all the other weddings we have coming up - congratulations! xxxx

FEVER! Of the wedding variety

Being part of an Irish Wedding is quite an event! With prayers, singing, Irish dancing and children laughing - this was definitely one to remember. Bernadette and Joe looked every bit the couple in love, holding hands and shedding tears throughout the ceremony. With their beautiful children to help them on their big day, it was a family affair that rocked the roof off of their family home. Congrats Bern & Joe.  

A good ole' fashioned scottish affair..


The wonderful wedding of Tom & Ali took us all the way to the brisk north of Scotland. Comrie Crief set the scene for a magical wedding filled with laughter, love, booze and of course- a silent disco. The beautiful bride and groom could not have put on a more welcoming show to us who had trekked from all the way in little New Zealand. 

The champagne flew, the camera clicked and the Scottish accent cemented its place in the top three best accents of all time. 

Congrats Tom & Ali!