Make(me) up makeup classes - finally coming

Always wonder how the makeup artists make it look sooooo easy? Look no further (than ruby jack that is!). 

Fresh to ruby jack, and fresh to your face - we’re holding Back to the Basics makeup classes. Learn all the tricks of the trade from applying foundation right to the finished glamour face. 

Check out the flyer or our website page ( for more details, but all you really need to know- it makes you pretty.

Weddings and Gypsy Caravans

Though this summer never really took of- we've (because it's all about us) been lucky enough to have sunny days on all the weddings we've been shooting. 

A special shout out to our friends Linda & Paul though for setting the bar on what weddings should be. With a three day extravaganza in Keri Keri- the delightful setting made for a delightful wedding. 

Having dragged her Irish man back to New Zealand with the wedding on the horizon, it was to be a affair to certainly remember. Hungover best men (bloomin' Irish) could not even dampen the day.. a festival of friends, relatives and wonderfully unique backdrops - this was a fun wedding to do the makeup and photography for. 

Congrats Linda & Paul. 

Christina steps it up

This months been all about Christina's time to shine. After dusting off her camera, she's been kicking arse and taking names in the photography scene. 

She's a one woman machine, makeup artist/photography extraordinaire. 

But what better way to see it for yourself than to come on in and taste it for yourself!

Call the studio to book a shoot with Christina this month only,  and it will only cost you $25! ZING!