New CYC = Free Photoshoot, obviously. 

Well as usual, we just can't sit still. We are now building a new cyclorama for our shooting room. Seamless shooting just extended, people. 

To celebrate, we are offering a free photoshoot to one lucky person to be the FIRST one photographed on there :) Details can be found at our Facebook Page. Good luck!  

How "ex-cyc-ing". Geddit? 

EDEN - love your bod 

What better reason to get your kit off, than to help people suffering from body disorders. 

Today was all about embracing our bodies, loving every inch, every scar, every bit! 

Ruby Jack was the space in which the body painting event was held. Basically, get naked, get painted, get walking the streets. 

With our talented Christina also offering her body painting services - it was an event that got the laughter humming and pride of body running.  

Trashy Treasures

Hot on the heels of last years uber successful Trashy Treasures, a new season meant time for a new wardrobe. 

How it works- you bring in your clothes that you no longer wear (no dodgy ugly stuff- it’s still fashion people) – and you can get one item in return for one you bring in. Simple!

Last year we had leather jackets, rockabilly dresses, bags, shoes, hats and all things fashionably inbetween.

So check out the details, and come on in! Bring a gold coin too- that’s for charity people.