Make(me) up makeup classes - finally coming

Always wonder how the makeup artists make it look sooooo easy? Look no further (than ruby jack that is!). 

Fresh to ruby jack, and fresh to your face - we’re holding Back to the Basics makeup classes. Learn all the tricks of the trade from applying foundation right to the finished glamour face. 

Check out the flyer or our website page ( for more details, but all you really need to know- it makes you pretty.

We're getting a Mascot!

Mascots don't need to be limited to sports teams and overzealous fast food chains- photo studios can have them too right? 

Well, the trendsetters that we are, we're getting one- in the form of this little guy, Pugsley. He'll be hanging around the studio for a few weeks while he finds his feet- so come on in and pat a puppy. Get a makeover while you're at it. 3 days and counting until we can kiss this little dribbler right on the smackers. 

Our burning eyes!! 

You can't unsee the seen, and how we wish that wasn't true. This traumatic picture has been brought to our attention.. 


And so in light of that- we're having a special. 

A family special, ohhhh. Bring in the family for a photoshoot including take away 8x10" print of you gorgeous selves, for only $85 - outrageous! 

Almost as outrageous as lying on top of your family naked. But not quite. Ring/email the studio to book in- this lovely month of April only.

Weddings and Gypsy Caravans

Though this summer never really took of- we've (because it's all about us) been lucky enough to have sunny days on all the weddings we've been shooting. 

A special shout out to our friends Linda & Paul though for setting the bar on what weddings should be. With a three day extravaganza in Keri Keri- the delightful setting made for a delightful wedding. 

Having dragged her Irish man back to New Zealand with the wedding on the horizon, it was to be a affair to certainly remember. Hungover best men (bloomin' Irish) could not even dampen the day.. a festival of friends, relatives and wonderfully unique backdrops - this was a fun wedding to do the makeup and photography for. 

Congrats Linda & Paul. 

Christina steps it up

This months been all about Christina's time to shine. After dusting off her camera, she's been kicking arse and taking names in the photography scene. 

She's a one woman machine, makeup artist/photography extraordinaire. 

But what better way to see it for yourself than to come on in and taste it for yourself!

Call the studio to book a shoot with Christina this month only,  and it will only cost you $25! ZING!

Weddings are lush

Having come to our studio for a makeover and photoshoot, we were quickly requested as the photographer and makeup artist for Mary's upcoming wedding. A beautiful outdoor ceremony set in a sprawling Kumeu vineyard, there were tears, laughter, dancing and romancing. All the things that make up a wonderful day. Congrats Mary & Kris.

Rugby. Not just for the men.

Kingsland is reaching fever pitch with the Rugby World Cup taking over. It may be a sport for the men, but for the ladies, there needs to be something in it for you too. 

They may come for the men in shorts, but they'll stay for the makeovers and photobooth style photo shoot. 

Through the weeks that are the Rugby World Cup- come on in to see us, we're boasting a little diddy of a makeover special. Daniel Carter will be in Kingsland, one must always look their best for times like these. 


For the second year running, the Ruby Jack gals were shootin’ and lootin’ at New Zealand Fashion Week. 

With five labels to shoot, we were running around like headless chickens, headless chickens who did manage to squeeze in a manicure though.

A special shout out to Egoist who held their first show in dominating fashion. Geddit? They, along with MISTER, stole the hearts of fashion week. 

The bubbles flowing, the fashion colourful, the camera snapping- another successful Fashion Week done!

EDEN - love your bod 

What better reason to get your kit off, than to help people suffering from body disorders. 

Today was all about embracing our bodies, loving every inch, every scar, every bit! 

Ruby Jack was the space in which the body painting event was held. Basically, get naked, get painted, get walking the streets. 

With our talented Christina also offering her body painting services - it was an event that got the laughter humming and pride of body running.  

Trashy Treasures

Hot on the heels of last years uber successful Trashy Treasures, a new season meant time for a new wardrobe. 

How it works- you bring in your clothes that you no longer wear (no dodgy ugly stuff- it’s still fashion people) – and you can get one item in return for one you bring in. Simple!

Last year we had leather jackets, rockabilly dresses, bags, shoes, hats and all things fashionably inbetween.

So check out the details, and come on in! Bring a gold coin too- that’s for charity people.

Double the Trouble 

Like a shot in the night, the idea to bust through a wall and double the Ruby Jack space came to us. 

Like toyboy's on Madonna's arm, the thought just wouldn't go away. Next thing we know, there is a sledgehammer bursting through the wall in 'here's Johnny' style fashion and we're space a plenty. 

Of course, nothing is done without its tribulations, thanks Dad! 

A couple of walls, a couple of tears and our new baby is born!   Come on in to check out the new shooting space, makeup area and front entrance. Natural light people, we have some now!

A couple of walls, a couple of tears and our new baby is born! 

Come on in to check out the new shooting space, makeup area and front entrance. Natural light people, we have some now!


This April we turned one year old woooo! Time to get a little soppy on it- with a big thanks to all of you who made this milestone possible. Without you, we'd be a big empty space with far too much time on our hands, which makes us do things like this in photoshop. 

So from our friends at the end of things like this- THANK YOU. No birthday is complete without a party though.. and here is some shakey, slightly boozy phone photos of the night that made it all worth it.

V - Day

Wikipedia describes Valentine's Day as “a day celebrating love and affection between intimate companions” We however call it time to get some photos of your sexy selves. Time to dust off the glad rags, and surprise your loved one with a Ruby Jack treat! 

Book a shoot for Valentines day, gain brownie points with your ‘intimate companion’ and receive the following wonderful deal:

Glass of bubbles on arrival

Hair & Makeup session

1hr Photoshoot with one of our very talented photographers

and the take home prize: 2 x digital hi res images w/ 5x7 print copies


Boom. You’ve just made yourself the talk of the water cooler with your partner's jealous work crew. Book now.

Facing the book

Like most the world, we've taken to facebook like Siobhan took to leopard print stretchy pants. 

For all you social networkers out there - look us up -, not only using it to keep you updated with our ins and outs, we also put regular specials on there for free shoots, discounts and any other little tidbits we can offer. So 'like' us - not only does that make us happy and loved, it also makes you awesome. Fact.