These bad boys started up, well, due to demand from you fine folks. The ladies that sat getting their makeup done for makeovers always commented that they wished they could do their own makeup the way the makeup artists did. So give back to the people we did – and the Back to Basics Makeup Masterclass and One-on-one classes were born.

The Back to Basics class runs in a class of maximum 5 people and has a set schedule that runs through the application of foundation all the way to the finished face -covering contouring, highlighting, cheeks, lips and a finished eye look.  This is a great class for figuring out the tips and tricks the makeup artists use to get the very best out of you.

The one-on-one classes have a more individual focus on your specific needs – in basic terms - you learn what you want to learn.

We’ve been running these classes for years and the constant feedback is that people feel more confident in what they’re doing, and what they’re putting out there. So come on in and see us! Vouchers are also available for gifts, and discounts are available for groups.


back to basics - $115
one-on-one for 1 hour - $99
one-on-one for 1.5 hours - $139

Both classes offer some makeup and brush discounts, and the group Masterclass comes with a $20 voucher towards Ruby Jack services.